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About SEBASTJAN PERSOLJABorn on the 23rd October 1972 in Nova Gorica,Slovenia,artist,painter,sculptor and designer Sebastjan Persolja is affirmed,known and required at international level.

Up until today he had a total over 120 solo exhibition and 80 group exhibition in his home country and around the world..He became famous as the author of The Sceptre of beauty which was received to the winer of Miss World in Seychelles,1998 and bestoving his graphic arts to the 98 representatives,which also competed for the title Miss World.

His works are owned by many illustrious and famous personalities,in primis the lyric and master singer Luciano Pavarotti and are present in many private and public collection on all continents.

In 2017 he participated,guest of artist Miro Persolja in the 57th Venice Biennale-International art exhibition with 2 sculptures The mermaid in the lagoon in Carrara marble,present in the enchanting scenography of the gothic palace Zenobio,seat of Armenian republic.

Permanent Exhibition

Show room Shoping Diva,Montenapoleone,Milano,Italy

Selected Exhibition 2017-2021
-Venice Art Gallery,Venice,Italy
-57th Venice Biennale,Palazzo Zenobio,Armenia pavilion,Venice,Italy
-L,arte ai tempi della 16.Biennale dell architettura,curator Giorgio Gregorio Grasso,Palazzo Zenobio,Venice,Italy
-Arte e cinema,curator Giorgio Gregorio Grasso,Palazzo Zenobio,Venice,Italy
-International exhibition of contemporary art,curator Giorgio Gregorio Grasso,Palazzo Zenobio,Venice,Italy
-Art Kum,castle Sevnica,Mosconov Gallery,Sevnica,Slovenia
-Villa Reale,Monza,Italy
-Galeria Miro Persolja,Milano,Italy
-CHARTER,padiglione Magazini del sale,Gallery of the Venice art Academy,curator Giorgio Gregorio Grasso,Venice,Italy
-Museo de arte contemporaneo MUAC-UAGRO,Mexico.

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