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Expo exhibitions have been held since 1851 and are considered the most important international event in the exhibition business. 

World exhibitions are held every 5 years. At Expo 2020 on a large scale, they will build an entire city from the pavilions of different countries, where the greatest and most significant achievements in the fields of science, technology, agriculture, ecology and culture will be demonstrated. 

"Belarus will have a very interesting and unusual flag," said Daria Matrosova.

 Ecological, associated with our nature, agriculture and culture of the Belarusian people. 

I will have my own exhibition corridor through which visitors to the pavilion will go. 

My photographic project is related to conceptual art, we will demonstrate a creative approach through photography. 

The artist chose a similar direction not by accident, since all the national pavilions, including the Belarusian one, were conceived as high-tech and modern, and photography meets these parameters. 

Incidentally, Dasha Art's works have many world awards in the field of photography, her exhibitions were held in New York, London, in China. 

"Photography is a very relevant and popular type of contemporary art, it is now interesting for collectors," said Daria Matrosova. 

I always had the opportunity to show my works abroad, there is a lot of demand there, but I live and work in Belarus. 

And I proposed an exhibition project that through photography will reveal the culture of our country. 

I went to meetings and meetings at the Ministry of Culture, it was a fairly long approval process, until we came up with a specific concept for the future project. 

The photographs will necessarily reflect national ornaments, color combinations, images associated with our culture. 

It is quite possible that it starts with the work of Belarusian artists. 

There will be body art, and perhaps some kind of meaningless art, something supreme in the Malevich style. 

I hope there are still lifes.






1.-Artist Full Name – DASHA ART.

2.-Artist Medium – Oil painting.

3.-Artist Biography.

DASHA engaged in professional studio photography since 2015. During this time, she achieved the highest results.   

Gold awards in dozens of world photo contests like Px3 Paris, IPA, SIPA, MIFA, Trierenberg Super Circuit, ND awards, FAPA and others.  

She join a lot different exhibitions, installations and  create huge number of glossy covers for fashion magazines. 

The uniqueness of  DASHA photographs lies in the combination of styles. Very often,  DASHA works based on the paintings of great artists, processing them in a new, modern way.  

Creative is an important part of every photo, even if it’s an advertising shootings.    Now DASHA is working on such large exhibition projects as Expo Dubai 2020, where  DASHA will show the art zone of contemporary art in the pavilion of Belarus with personal exhibition.  

The main goal of DASHA is to bring art photography to a new level of value. Where the print can have the same value as the paintings.  

Buying her prints is a big exclusivity. Each of her photo has a limited edition and almost always, no more than 5 copy for one photo.   

Her arts have a high collection value and many photos are already in private collections.  

Now she is also forming her own collection of paintings and photographs. 

In 2020, Dasha launched a line of exclusive oil paintings.   

Unique author's paintings are quickly gaining popularity among collectors.


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