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Neo-Renaissance Artist           

MASTER of FINE ARTS & DESIGNE &    Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Planning -Toronto, Ontario Canada
Master of Fine Art, Visual Artist/Designer/Art Instructor / working with oil on canvass, pencil on paper, mix- Medias. Art teacher/instructor  
Offering for sale Fine Art for private collectors, museums and art galleries. Private Art Lessons. Accepting commissions from the company’s and private individuals to do pictures, murals, design, frescos, book illustrations any size and any topics. Restoration of antique paintings. 

2018   Leonardo College of Design     

Photoshop &Illustrator  1978-1984  University of Fine Arts, Russia       

M.D in Fine Art & Design 1974-1978  College of Fine Arts, Russia  B.A in Fine Art


2020-Online exhibition at Gallery Art Luxury - Catalonia / Spain -
2019 -Permanent exhibition at Contemporary Art Museum Del Caravaggio –Canada Art Director, Sicily Italy
2018-Arts Division EDGIC Fine Art, Luxury & Media Corporation, LLC. (EDGIC) USA, Colorado
2017-Present  Associazione Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco- Museo ILGilardi - Gilardi Art Gallery LU, Italy                               
2017-Concept art interior designer -Company Name "Egoist Design", Toronto, Canada 

2000-Present Artist & Member of “TANAIS” Fine Art International LTD, Toronto, Canada
2008-Artist/Designer/Painter “Royal Hermitage” Toronto, Canada
2006-Freelance Artist/Designer/Painter Toronto, Canada
2004-Artist/Designer/Painter “Riffins Company Ltd” Niagara Falls Casino, Canada
2003-Freelance Artist/Painter, Vancouver, Canada
1991-Art Director/Designer/Painter “Villa-Laguna Ltd”, Russia
1986-Professor/Teacher of Vladivostok College Fine Art, Russia                                                                             

1983-Artist/Designer of Regional Hall, Russia                               
1980-Artist-Illustrator for Vladivostok Regional Art Magazines, Russia
1978-Artist/Designer/Painter Cinema Theater, Russia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

EXHIBITION WORK: Solo (Selected)
2018-“Atrium Theatre, T&E Arts Club” Toronto, ON Canada
2018-2023-Arts Division EDGIC Fine Art, Luxury & Media Corporation, LLC. (EDGIC) USA, Colorado                                                                                            
2017- “Only One Gallery” Toronto, Canada   “Bombay Sapphire” Miami Artisan Series Finalist, Toronto Canada                                                                                                  
2017-2019-Associazione Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco- Museo ILGilardi - Gilardi Art Gallery LU, Italy                                                                                                                                                                       
2016-Toronto Art Blast Show, ON Canada                                              
2008-Present AVA Financial Group, Inc., Toronto, ON
2007- “Kodiak Gallery”, Toronto, ON
2003- “Gala Gallery European Fine Art”, Vancouver, ON
2002- “A &V Ltd”, Toronto, ON         
2001-“Smart Machine” Toronto, ON                                                                               
2000- “Gallery Hittite” Toronto, ON                                   
2001- “R &L (M) Holdings” Toronto, ON                          
1995- “Sobot Fine Art Gallery” Toronto, ON 
1993- “Kostakis House of Art” Toronto, ON

1989-“House of Scientists” Moscow, Russia  
1988-“Exhibition Place” Russia
1982-“Musical College, Vladivostok, Russia                                                                  
EXHIBITION WORK:                                 

Group Shows (Selected)
2019-Permanent Exhibition at “Museum of The Caravaggio” Sicily, Italy 
2018-Arts Division EDGIC Fine Art, Luxury & Media Corporation, LLC. (EDGIC) USA, Colorado
2017-“Only One Gallery” Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Miami Finalist, Toronto Canada           
2017-2019- Museo ILGilardi - Gilardi Art Gallery   LU, Italy
2017-"Maka Business Group" Art de Arts International Gallery. Old Masters Paining. Madrid, Spain    
2016-Toronto Art Blast Show, ON Canada
2008-“Royal Hermitage” Toronto, ON
2007-“Kodiak Gallery” Toronto, ON
2002-“Agora Gallery”   Vancouver, BC
2000-SOHO New York, “Human Inspiration” NY USA
1998-“National Art gallery of Otaru” Japan (Exhibition “Salvador Dali and Fantastic Realism”, organized by the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg).Included 12 international artists as a Ernest  Fuchs, H.R  Geiger, Rudolf Hauser and etc. Japan.
1995-“Worldwide Arts Resources, Corp” Columbus, OH, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
1996-“Gallery Hittite” Toronto, ON                             
1994-“Kuchinski Gallery” Toronto, Canada
1993-“H & J” Auction House, Toronto, ON Canada
1992-“Gallery Heritage”, Toronto, ON Canada
1989-“Russian Art House” Vladivostok, Russia                                              
1988-“Yu Li Gallery”, Shanghai, China
1987-“Exhibition Place”, St. Petersburg, Russia,“Exhibition place Artist Union”, Vladivostok, Russia
1982-“Regional Art Gallery”, Vladivostok, Russia                                 
® AVA Financial Group, Inc. Toronto, Canada; Royal Hermitage, Toronto, Canada; Kodiak Gallery, Toronto, Canada; Trans Resources Inc. Alexander Schneider’s(Canadian Billionaire, Forbes Journal) Private Collection, Switzerland/Canada /USA /Thailand.                         
® Hundreds paintings and drawings in a private collections in Canada, USA, Thailand, Russia, Israel, Switzerland, China                                                       
® Created Design for several casinos (Niagara Falls Casino), cinema features, restaurants, café shops, stores, offices, business, libraries, salons across in Russia, Ukraine, China, California and Canada.


2019-Museum of the Caravaggio County Magazine
2018-EDGIC Fine Art Newsletter December edition
2018-Arts Division EDGIC Fine Art, Luxury & Media Corporation, LLC. (EDGIC) USA, Colorado   
2017-McArte l'AltrArteBlog. Quattro passi nell'Arte Contemporanea e Classica,Italy
2017-“Monaco Life Style Magazine” "July 7,2017No.5
2016-Direct2artist; Toronto; Saatchi Art; Samuel Gillis Gallery Swarm, LLC
2016-“Toronto Art Blast Magazine”, Toronto, Canada
2016- “Monaco Life Style Magazine”
2005- “Globe and Mail”-The Invisible Man, Toronto, ON
2004- “Nasha Canada “Community newspaper North York, ON
2002- “Enoteca Wine & Food-Wine Renaissance” Cover page for the Italian Magazine, Toronto, ON
2001- “The Russian Express” Newspaper, Toronto, ON
1999-2000-“New Art International Magazine” Woodstock NY, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
1998-“Petersburg Museum Catalog”, Realistic Surrealism Magazine Otaru, Japan
1996-“Slate” Art gallery Guide, Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal


2001-“Proud Russian-Canadian” Talk-Show- personal artist interview for Russian speaking  Community, Toronto, Canada
1988-Russian News interview talk-show- “Yong Artists of Russia”, Russia
1986-TV Art School for Beginners, Russia                                                                                       


2019-“Certificate of Merit to Artistic Career” Museum of Caravaggio, Sicily, Italy.

2ND PLACE-TIE   ALEXANDER DONSKOI   CANADA   "The Touch of Eternity"   168x117cm   Oil, canvas. 
2ND PLACE-TIE   ALEXANDER DONSKOI   CANADA  "The Adoration of the Magi"   138 x 223cm   Oil on canvas.

2ND PLACE   ALEXANDER DONSKOI   CANADA  "Clap One Palm"   183 x 157cm   Oil on canvas.

2017- Finalist of “Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Competition in Miami” winning artwork” “Garbage Land of Controllable Zombies”

2016-The Best Artist Special 2016 Award “Focus-Group-Art” Milan, Italy 

2005-Brazil Visual Art Award-First Place.

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