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was born in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in 1966, from an early age he stood out in painting with pictures that are clearly influenced by his parents, Igor and Natalia, both famous artists in his city, who today are considered in Russia as a true artistic dynasty.

The father, Igor Suvorov, is an artist acclaimed for her landscapes, some of which are kept in the Russian State Museum and decorate the history exhibition of the St. Petersburg Museum. 

The mother, Natalia Suvorova, is a painter who stands out for the use of color in the representation of Russian flowers and landscapes, which are part of the collections of seventeen important museums of the former Soviet Union.
In 1988 Olga graduated from the prestigious Repin Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg, the same one her parents graduated from. 

One of the most prestigious academies in the world, which opened its first foreign branch in Italy, in Florence, in early 2018. 

The choice of Florence is due to the Florentine artists who have lived and worked in Saint Petersburg since the 15th century. 

Olga won a gold medal for her thesis on monumental composition. She also received the  Artist »award given by President Yeltsin in a contest in which three thousand artists were present.

His work has been a benchmark since the 90s inside and outside Russia, characterized by his style of chromatic complexity and also by the preciousness typical of Venetian painters of the Renaissance, the floral character, the birds and the precious treatment of fabrics that take special care, the recreation of prints and textile motifs.

Olga Suvorova connects with her Russian roots and endorses the heritage of her country's Orthodox icons. 

In many of her works she uses the characters of the art comedy, especially the Harlequin, a centerpiece in many of her canvases. 

Other works depict men and women who dress in intricate ball gowns and period costumes in an opulent setting. 

What makes them contemporary is the use of color: bright, ultra saturated and expressive, with shades of turquoise and coral mixed in a way you would never see in centuries-old art.

Olga Suvorova's production is addressed to the viewer with kindness and joy, who is dazzled by the beauty and warmth, by the attention to detail, to the point of questioning if they really are just painting.

The characters are hieratic, which is one of the most attractive characteristics of this painting in which environments are generated in which the characters do not connect, interact, or converse with each other. 

The themes ride between religion (especially angels and annunciations) and high society. 

Historical and women's depictions in garden scenes abound, where a cat often appears.

The recognition of this painter is international and her work has been seen in numerous exhibitions, she has exhibited in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, China and the United States, and her work is found in numerous collections and regularly exhibits in Paris and London.

The Russian artist's paintings leave no one indifferent: lovers of the Baroque out of sheer admiration, and minimalists out of overwhelming excess.

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