The founder of Gallery Art Luxury. A cosmopolitan entrepreneur whose career spans over thirty years of experience in European-based companies). Mario launched Gallery Art
Luxury in 2010 and has since become one of the leading art galleries and consultancies in Europe, with an impressive portfolio comprising collections by the masters of the 18th and 20th century.

We are an international platform built by a team of professionals with conscience, ethics and sense of responsibility generated from the world of business, communications, technology, science, arts and philosophy.
Actively engaged, all our professionals contribute strategically to the global exchange of ideas through the arts and business, and we always strive for excellence and exclusivity.
After years of global expansion, our team of experts spans from Europe to the Americas, Asia, the Persian Gulf and Africa.

Gallery Art Luxury provides excellent facilitation of research, private bidding and preventive conservation of artworks for clients who want to invest intelligently in the fine art market.
Our extensive network allows customers to access, outside the market, exclusive pieces of art by the greatest masters of the 19th to 21st centuries of the most prestigious collections.
You can enter our gallery of Grand Masters.
In addition, we offer collectors, institutions, foundations and museums around the world an unprecedented and exclusive R+D+i service, highly specialized and aimed at guaranteeing security in the intermediation of the negotiation of this type of safe assets. This specialization is carried out in an orderly manner through different action protocols and combines the best of traditional European work methodologies with American ones, based on new technologies.
"Our heritage, our future"
We help clients navigate essential markets, shedding light, to ensure their investments pay off.

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