Tatyana Palchuk & Peter Rikans ( Latvia )

 PETER RIKANS ( Letonia - Latvia)

 "International Art Consultant "

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Here is an 100% antique violin (is lightly restored) and which is my deceased father's trophy from the Second World War. He showed it to me when I was 16, and for the rest of my life promised to give it to the master to repair it. But it wasn't done that either. I forgot absolutely about it , and found it in 2000ies ,some time ago ,  putting the  warehouse in order. Then, (cleaning the dust inside the violin with a brush when I wanted to find the manufacturer's label), I found this Stradivarius inscription, which corresponds to the examples found on the Internet. In that time I was think( I'm not violin specialist), that is real Stradivarius , but elegant 18-19 Century Copy,  but even in this case, it could be an interesting specimen for the auction.
After ,  a new Art project was born . I had inherited a violin from my father's .Stradiuarius (in reality a good 19th middle century Copy ,with a real Stradiuarius Cremonensis 1717 label inside). I think she has a place instead of a shelf, but it should be used more efficiently. An idea arose. That's why  a work of art was created . Its Name
"My Stradivarius Cremonensis."  "Painting - Installation". Painting in Instalation realized by New Renaissance Master Tatyana Palchuk. Now Artwork is currently a framed and ready for sell . I find it super interesting. Such is definitely the only Artwork with a "real" Stradiuarius on it , in the world. In my ( not only my , but some art specialists too) mind , this will be wry interesting thing for real rich people collection or gallery. In UK , only violin like this , ( 19.Century. copy too) in auction was sold by 11 000 UK Pounds.
For this  only eksamplar  Artwork in the world , Painting - Instalation with real antique violin , our specialists say starting price from 15 000 USD.
I offer this Artwork at first to your Auction. This is very good oportunity for rich man with ambitions and with own cabinet.
There is an violin evaluation by a recognized violin Master- Expert  - a payment invoice that I will add to the work of art.
And, of course, an artwork passport with mine, and T.P. signature
Photos attached
"My Stradivarius Cremonensis". Installation-Painting.
2022.Latvia .EU.
Materials. The oil on a veneered panel, a musical instrument
(19 Century Stradivarius Violin Copy), copper wire.
Idea, Installation - Peteris Rikans
Painting – Tatyana Palchuk
Dimensions without Frame - 50 x 80 x 11 cm
Dimensions with frame - 66 x 96 x 11 cm
Weight – 7,4 kg


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