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Alla Strauta

I always drew.
When I was 10 years old, my personal exhibition of watercolor works was held at the House of Arts.
There was no art studio, I studied on my own and took the work to the master for verification.
I graduated from school with a gold medal and entered a higher art educational institution with a long history of artistic development in the city of Vitebsk.
M. Chagall, K. Malevich, Yu. Pen, N. Lissitzky, R. Falk worked here, leaving their mark on world art.
Since childhood, I loved drawing on nature themes.
Since then, I can't imagine my life without this revelation.
I draw stories of the environment.
The most subtle experiences are intertwined with an explosion of emotions and are part of the Image.
Simple stories are compensated by the depth of penetration.
I work in different technologies.
This is the author's painting on silk, acrylic and digital painting.
In the author's painting on silk, two elements are successfully combined: the fluidity of water in the watercolor technique, transparency, flapping of the fabric.
This difficult-to-control technique allows me to convey my own impressions.
Sometimes they are from childhood, sometimes from adulthood.
Working with acrylic allows to improve the image in the painting process itself.
Digital painting opens a window into incredible possibilities.
My works are in private collections in Poland, Germany, Latvia, Israel and Belarus.
The surname Strauta translates from Latvian as "flow" or "current", it is with it that I want to compare my emotionality, which allows me to experience nature that gives strength and harmony.


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