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Adélia Clavien de Miège (VS) was born in Portugal and has lived in Switzerland since 1981.
Although he spent a lot of time among the artistic community in Valais, he attended his first painting courses and started photography at St Gall, where he lived 10 years. Curious and passionate, Adélia has been fascinated by the arts since she was young and has been working in the IT domain for over 20 years.
As an artist, he works in a self-taught and passionate way. He explores various painting techniques (acrylic, charcoal, stained glass, sand, epoxy resin, etc.) and uses his knowledge of photography to create original paintings mixed with photography.
The various themes presented allow us to escape in a colorful and mysterious universe: the universe of Adelia.
Adelia works part-time to have more time for her artistic activities (photography, painting, music, dancing). Self-taught, has multiple talents, speaks several languages, plays various musical instruments, is comfortable with new technology, and is a naturally open person. Please feel free to take a look at your personal website.
A few words about my mixed media (photo and painting) on canvas
Mixed media brings an extra dimension to my works because it is full of elements, textures, details and allows me to explore the interactions between different media and graphic instruments. The use of a mixed technique offers me immense possibilities of expression and allows me to customize my artistic language. In painting, we speak of a mixed technique when the colored material contains at least two binders of different nature or heterogeneous materials. In the history of pictorial technique, artists have often mixed materials to achieve their goals. My "mixed media" paintings are compositions that contain up to 10 digitally superimposed and processed photos. The base photo and several other overlapping photos that come to bring the artistic side to the base photo. For the paintings shown here, I based some famous person from the cinema and on myself on portraits of people around me. For the creation of the artistic effects, I used (macro) photo details, such as cracked walls, old houses, plant shadows, rusty objects, graffiti/urban records, newspapers/readings, etc etc etc. Once the editing is done, the digital image is printed on canvas. The canvas is painted with different supports such as: acrylic, charcoal, sand, stained glass, plaster, Judas bitumen, etc. All paint is covered with epoxy resin. Reproduction orders can be placed on aluminium, plexiglass or paper.



ON GOING and FUTURE exhibitions 2022

2022: Group exhibition "VerSION d'ART" - Group exhibition with 13 sculptors at Domaine des Îles de Sion in Sion - Switzerland - 13 June to 18 de September
2022: Exhibition "Pop Art & Abstraits" at Le Bois Savauge in Hérémence - Swiss - 4 June to 4 September
2022: Exhibition "Empowerment" at Pinacoteca Municipal de São Caetano do Sul - São Paulo - Brasil - 18 mai until 5 August (prolongated until 9 Septembre)
2022: Exhibition "Pop Art & Abstraits" at Brasserie Hotel de Ville in Geneva - Swiss - 3 June to 31 July
2022: Exhibition "Pop Art & Abstraits" by Eva's House in Lausanne - Swiss - 16 July until 2 September
2022: Group exhibition "Art Fair Lausanne" with Linear Art Gallery Morges - Lausanne - Swiss - 29 September to 2 October
2022: Group Exhibition and dedication with the writer Philippe Fouillouse (covers of books of my authorship) at the Pasqui Gallery in St. Étienne - France - 13 October
2022: Exhibition "Abstracts & Pop Art" at Esquisse Gallery in Nyon - Swiss - 8 to 31 October
2022: Exhibition "Lancement du roman de Philippe Fouillouse & Pop Art de Adelia Clavien" at Gallery Pasqui in St. Étienne - France - 13 until 15 October
2022: Group exhibition"Lisboa International Contemporary Exhibition 2022" – 1st October 2022 - at Atelier Natalia Gromicho - Lisbon - Portugal
2022: Exhibition "Animals" at Ô Fondue Caquelon in Riddes - Swiss - 2 December to 23 March 2023
2022/2023: Exhibition "Portraits Pop Art" at Sky Valet Faro Airport organised by USIA Luxury - 1 December until 30 March - Faro in Algarve - Portugal 2022: Exhibition "Empowerment" at Rooftop Em Casa in São Paulo - Brasil - Details will follw later
Permanent exhibitions
2022: Exhibition "Pop Art & Abstraits" at Auberge la Balance in Daillens - Swiss - 11 January to 10 July (extendend)
2020/2021/2022: Permanent exhibition by Saphira & Ventura Gallery in New York - USA
2021/2020: Permanent exhibition by Kunst-Unter-Uns Gallery in Lörrach - Germany
2021/2022: Permanent exhibition pop art and abstract artworks by Ribeira House in Mirandela - Portugal
2020/2021/2022: Permanent exhibition of some artworks (prints in limited and special edition) in Almhaga Art Gallery in Skivarp - Sweeden
2021/2022: Permanent exhibition of pop art artworks by Café Formiga in Mirandela - Portugal
2021/2022: Group exhibition Digital Permanent virtual exhibition by Atelier Natalia Gromicho, Lisbon - Portugal - March 2021
PAST exhibitions
2022: Group exhibition and SOLO by Saphira & Ventura Gallery "Contemporary Concept" in New York from 23 to 31 May and "SOLO show" from 16 to 27 June and NFT New York at 22 June - Adelia will be present at Solo one - USA
2022: Group exhibition's ARTBOXY - UrbanSide Gallery in Zürich– Lelie Galerij in Amsterdam, Netherland - Thomson Galerie in Zug, Swiss - 1 to 30 May
2022: Group exhibition "Art Basel 2022" 17 to 19 June at Hotel Hyperion in Basel - Swiss - Organised by Art Screen TV
2022: Group exhibition's "Golden Artists 2022" – 7th to 13 May 2022 at Atelier Natalia Gromicho - Lisbon - Portugal
2022: Exhibition “Empowerment" Morumbi Town Shopping in São Paulo – Brasil – 4 March to 4 April - extended until 30 April
2022: Group exhibition Art Shoping at "Carrousel du Louvre" in Paris - France - 8 - 9 - 10 April 2022
2022: Exhibition "Longing Image" at Dubai Universal Exhibition -Dubai - United Emirates UAE - 26 until 31 March2022
2022: Exhibition "Abstraits" at École Club Migros in Nyon - Swiss - 1 February to 28 March
2022: Exhibition "Pop Art" at Alambic Lounge Bar in Morges - Swiss - 17 January to 19 February
2020/2021/2022: Exhibition "Abstraits" at Clinique CIC Clarens
2022: Group exhibition "Come together" by Kunst Unter Uns Gallery in Lörrach - 9 March to 3 April - Germany
2022: Group exhibitions "Winter Digital" 11 February until 11 March by Artsy - Swiss - Organised by Art Screen TV
2022: Group exhibition "Downtown Chiado 2022" – 5th February 2022 at Atelier Natalia Gromicho - Lisbon - Portugal
2022: Group exhibition "New Expressions" by Saphira & Ventura Gallery in New York – USA - 26 January to 7 February
2021: Group exhibition "Arte que nos Une" at Centro Cultural dos Correios in São Paulo - Brasil - 9 October to 10 December 2021: Group exhibition "Montreux Art Gallery – MAG" Salon d’Art Contemporain in Montreux - 10 to 14 November
2020/2021: Permanent exhibition Gallery Linea-Art in Morges – Swiss
2021: Group exhibition "Global Visions" by Saphira & Ventura Gallery in New York - USA - 29 October to 16 November
2021: Group exhibition "ART-GLAND 2021" organized by Association des Peintres et des Sculpteurs de la Côte – Gland - 21 au 31 October
2021: Group exhibition "Galerie du Marché Prestige & Swiss Lebanon" Galerie Prestige in Montreux - 14 to 20 October - Opening of works in favor of Lebanon
2021: Group exhibition at Art Gallery Vichy in Vichy - France - 25 September bis 30 October
2021: Exhibition Pop Art at Golf Club House in Puidoux – Swiss – 18 September to 8 October
2021: Exhibition at Kunst-Unter-Uns Gallery in Lörrach - Germany - 3 to 14 August
2021: Exhibition virtual "Nós Mulheres - We Women" by Up Time Art Gallery – São Paulo - 1 June to 10 August 2021
2021: Exhibition "OPEN HOUSE by the artist" saturday 10 July from 2pm to 19pm in TRELEX
2021: Exhibition virtual solo "Film Inspiration" by Saphira & Ventura Gallery – New York - 27 May to 5 July 2021
2021: Exhibition "Portraits & Abstracts" by Incognito Barb'hair Shop in Lausanne - Swiss- 9 March to 29 May 2021
2021: Group exhibition "ArtBox.Projet Barcelona 1.0" digitally participation in Barcelona - Spain - 2 to 7 Mai 2021
2021: Group exhibition "Divino Feminino" by Saphira & Ventura Gallery – New York - Virtual exhibition 25 March until 8 May 2021
2021: Group virtual exhibition "O Sagrado em cada um de nós" digitally participation Art Time Up Gallery in São Paulo - Brasil - 2 April to 15 May 2021
2021: Group exhibition "Don't stop us now" virtual exhibition by Espace Atelier Lu Monin - Pully - Swiss- March 2021
2021: Group exhibition "Women Empowerment" virtual exhibition by Up Time Art Gallery - São Paulo - Brasil- 2 to 29 March 2021
2020/2021: Group exhibition "Artists Love NYC" by Saphira & Ventura Gallery – New York - Virtual exhibition 15 December & Physical March and May 2021
2021: Exhibition "Abstracts & Portraits" at Gallery Murandaz in Nyon - 11th February to 26th March - Cancelled because of Covid19
2020: Group exhibition "Arte pede Passagem" by stylist Bernardo Akel Bespoke in São Paulo – Brasil – from 27 November to 27 December
2020: Group exhibition "Vivez l'Art" by A Ventana in São Paulo – Brasil – from 15 December to 15 January
2020: Group exhibition "Humanistic Revival" by Saphira & Ventura Gallery – New York - Physical exhibition 19 november and Virtual exhibition from 12 Nov. until 4 Dec.
2020: Virtual group exhibition "Projet artistique Swiss Lebanon Org" 1 December - More informations at
2020: Group exhibition in Le'Bou Art Bar São Paulo - Brasil - from 29 October to 29 November
2020: Group exhibition "Montreux Art Gallery – MAG" Salon d’Art Contemporain in Montreux - CANCELLED because of COVID19
2020: Virtual individual & group exhibition "Mercado Arte" from 1 August to 30 September
2020: Group exhibition "Swiss Art Expo 2020" in Zürich from 20 to 24 August
2020: Group exhibition "Lisbona Contemporanea" Atelier Natalia Gromicho in Lisbon - Portugal from 5 to 11 September
2020: Virtual exhibition "Empowerment" in São Paulo for the projet Linha Cultural do Metro - Brasil - from 5 to 25 September
2020: Exhibition “Visions” Atelier Lu Monin in Lausanne from 24 to 26 July
2020: Group exhibition gallery Studio Art Unlimited in Geneva from 2 to 13 Juni
2020: Group exhibition virtuel participation "Arte & VirTus" PassepARTout Inconventional Gallery in Milan – Italy - Details follow
2020: Group exhibition virtuel participation "Art for World Peace" Be One Gallery in Singapour – 14 to 28 April
2020: Group exhibition "Regards de Femmes" gallery Ecole Club Migros in Nyon from 7th to 3 th March - Prolonged to August 2020
2020: Group exhibition ArtBox Gallery in Zürich from 15th February until 14 May - In reason of Covid19 April the Gallery is closed
2020: Exhibition "Vaches d'Hérens" at gallery from Petite auberge de Lannaz in Evolène von 1st February to 22 March
2019: Group exhibition "Art Basel Art Weeks Miami" digitally participation in Miami from 2th to 8th December
2019: Group exhibition "Calici D'Arte" Palazzo comunale de Montecasaro Italy 23 & 24 November
2019 - 2020: Exhibition at Grotto de la Fontaine Sion 16th November to 11th January 2020
2019: Group exhibition in Congress Center 2M2C Montreux 6 to 10 November
2019: Group exhibition gallery Scuola Grande San Teodoro "Arte Venezia" in Venise Italy 21 to 29 September
2019: Group exhibition from Lozart "Eveil numérique" in Geneva from 13th to 15th September
2019: Group exhibition Galerie Diana Achtzig "Frauenporträts der Berliner Schule" in Berlin in Germany from 16th August to 12th September
2019: Group exhibition Swiss Art Expo & ArtBox Project in Zürich 15 to 19 August
2019: Exhibition at gallery Esquisse in Nyon 5 to 28 July
2019: Group exhibition gallery Medina Roma in Rome Italy 21 Juni to 21 July
2019: Exhibition gallery Kramer Krieg in Lausanne May 9 - 25
2019: Exhibition gallery La Maison de la Treille in  Sion January 4 - 25
2018: Exhibition by K. Dunn & S. MCgeary in Durham USA October 11 - 31 (prolonged until 31 December)
2018: Exhibition Salon de l’art contemporain in Lyon September 28 - 30
2018: Group exhibition gallery Place Suisse des Arts “MyBestArt” in Lausanne August 10 - 25
2018: Group exhibition “Nus & Erotique” gallery Petit Chêne in Lausanne 5 July to 31 August
2018: Exhibition gallery Petit Chêne in Lausanne May 1 - 31
2018: Exhibition gallery Esquisse in Nyon April 5 - 22
2017: Exhibition Espace de la Grenette in Nyon August 26 - September 9
2015: Group exhibition TrelezArts in Trélex May 8-10
2021: Member of Art24 World - Swiss
2021: Member of StellArt - Swiss
2021: Member of Screen Art TV on Artsy - Suiça
2022: Member of gallery Kunst-Unter-Uns – Lorräch – Germany
2021: Member of Aletheia Gallery- Argentina
2021: Member of ART du Valais in Swiss
2021: Member of Culture du VALAIS / WALLIS Kultur - Swiss
2021: Member of From the Art in Swiss
2021: Member of Animaux en Résine in Blonay - Swisss
2021: Member from Gallery Moi Etoile in Houston - USA
2021: Golden Member from Gallery Atelier Natalia Gromicho in Lisbon - Portugal
2021: Member of Linea-Art Gallery - Morges - Schweiz
2020: Member of Swiss Artists portal - Swiss
2020: Member of Gallery Art Luxury - Spain
2020: Member of Up time Art Gallery - Brasil
2020: Member of Almhaga-Art-Gallery Sweeden / NYC USA
2020: Member of ISCA International Society of Contemporary Art
Since 2019: Member ARTSY, virtual schowroom modern Art -
Since 2019: Member ARTAVITA, virtual schowroom modern Art -
Since 2019: Member Loft & Décoration, virtual schowroom "Artistes du monde"
Since 2018: Member LOZART, virtual schowroom swiss artists -
2020: Designer of the cover of the book "Une goutte de sang dans l'océan" by writter Philippe Fouillouse
2021: Designer of the cover of the book "La jeune fille oubliée" by writter Philippe Fouillouse
2021: Designer of the cover of the book "Code Livingstone" by writter Philippe Fouillouse
2012: Year long exhibition of photography and paintings available at the Raiffeisen Bank Head Office in Lausanne, at the Head Technology Office (SOI) LS in Lausanne, at Generali Nyon and other institutions
2009: Contributes and publishes photography books for the Publishing House Chiado Editora in Lisbon, Portugal -Profits from selling these books are given to the following charities “Meninos de Oiro” et “Abraço”
2007-2008: Took part into the group exhibition “Tous Photographes”, Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne
Site publique d’exposition collective de photographies: http: //


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