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International painter

Designer artist

Interior decorator

I started painting in May 2016 and it was like a revelation, an immense need to express myself.

I create my paintings in the impulse of my emotions, my feelings and my reflections in front of my blank canvases, playing with acrylic, oil and materials.

To challenge myself, I leave my hands, my brushes, my knives and spatulas and the colors are to mix, overlap, merge or complement each other to suggest themes for those who look at my creations.

In my intense abstractions, full of contained forces, my constant duality is expressed in a unit of expression that reveals my profession, energetic therapist (IARD engraving).
I have revealed myself through years of practice and listening focused on the love of humanity, towards bruised souls and suffering hearts.

After many years in Switzerland as a coach and teacher as well as a television channel medium, I chose Luc en Provence to live my passions.

To date, several private exhibitions and several award-winning paintings:
Exhibition at the Café des Art (La Seyne sur Mer)
Exhibition in the pattern (Saint Mandrier sur Mer)

Exposure to the Crédit Mutuel des Professions de Santé (Toulon)

Caravaggio International Prize in Milan on 07/12/2018.

Exhibition from February to the end of June at the Casino Barrière (Sainte Maxime)
Regional interview on Var Azur TV in Marseille, 09/01/2019 (The great show: Philippe Salciccia).
Botticelli International Prize and art critic in Florence on 09/02/2019.
Digital exhibition on a giant screen in Manila in March 2019.
Exhibition at Espace Watt 37 and official launch ceremony of the art directory.
Contemporary "Artisti" in Milan, 03/28/2019 (official qualification)
Exhibition at the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art), Barcelona Biennial on 04/05/2019.
Velásquez International Prize in Barcelona on 04/06/2019.
Awards 2019, international award "artist 2019" in Mantua.
Oscar for creativity and art critic on 09/14/2019 in Monaco.

Digital art exhibition at New York Fashion Week on 02/08/2020.
Gold World Cup for artistic creativity in San Remo on 03/21/2020.
Palma d´Oro per le Arti Visive (International Art Biennale. Art Expo Gallery) in Cannes on 04/18/2020.
Online exhibition at Luxury Art Gallery (Spain) 06/17/2020

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