Each canvas is mounted on the chassis.

The technique is always the same:

Acrylic paint worked with foam and knife, the theme of the work is enhanced with a structural mortar that I make of marble and limestone powder and that gives it material and relief.

Trained as a nurse, I approached painting about ten years ago, first as a hobby and then 2 years ago I became professional to be able to exhibit it in galleries.
First I start with the brush but quickly feels the need to add material to materialize the life and emotions that I transmit in my paintings.
Then I paint with a knife and then highlight my subject with a structural mortar that I make of marble powder, limestone and binders, which I paint after drying.
I combine these 2 techniques in an explosion of colors, addressing themes such as femininity through sensuality and love, or freedom or rather the feeling of liberation of the body and escape from the mind, letting go that I encounter through dance and music.
My paintings are on the edge of abstraction because I like to flirt on the border between reality and imagination. Well forced to combine with this world in which we live and at the same time I always needed an abstract, imaginary universe where the dream in its place, where the impossible becomes possible. A world where I could be another me. That is why my characters lack a face, they are an invitation to the viewer to project themselves, to identify themselves by their life story and their intimate emotions.
My favorite themes are femininity and freedom or rather the liberation of the spirit, letting go that I find in dance and music.
Listed on I-CAC, I am represented in permanent exhibition in a dozen galleries in France, as well as in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg; my workshop is located in Audincourt in the Doubs, where you will be very well received if you want to meet me.
I regularly participate in art fairs, these last 2 years I have been present in particular at Art Cologne, Art Nice Expo, Capital of Art at the Grand Palais in Paris, Art Show Paris where I have also received the public and the award for originality.

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