Adam Hlobus


Adam Hlobus

Adam Hlobus (born September 29, 1958; surname Vladimir V. Adamchik) is a Belarusian artist, writer, novelist, essayist, poet and publisher.
He has lived in Minsk since 1959.
He graduated from the pedagogical department of the Glebov art school in Minsk (1977) and from the art department of the Belarusian Academy of Theatre and Art (1983).
He worked as a draftsman, painter and restorer, graphic designer, editor of "Krynitsa" (since 1987).
His first exhibition of personal art was banned by Soviet censorship.
Since then, Adam had been working only for himself, and focused on his literature and publishing business.
He returned to his artistic works only in 2007.
Major personal exhibitions were held in Minsk (2012, 2018), Paris (2017), Moscow (2015) and Vilnius (2016).
Among his favorite painters who inspired Adam are Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, and Georges Rouault. Adam's art is mainly inspired by vivid colors, the diversity of the surrounding world and eroticism.
The main theme of Adam's work are the landscapes of the city (mainly of Minsk, Vilnius, Barcelona and Sitges), the naked female body, still lifes with glass and fruits, compositions with fountains.
Adam was awarded for his artistic work with the badge of honor in the struggle for peace in 1985 in Minsk, with the medal named after the Russian poet Kornilov in Russia, with the creative scholarship and residency at the Arts Center in Paris.
Adam Hlobus' artworks can be found in the collection of the National Art Museum of Belarus and in private collections around the world.
 Adam considers life to be a game of the sun beams.

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