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I, Olga Danilyuk, was born on 03.01.1983 in Zhabinka, Brest region, Belarus. 


From the age of 10, she studied at the art Studio in Brest with Olga Orlova.

In 2005, she graduated from the Pushkin state state University as an artist-teacher with a red diploma.

Since 2002, I have been engaged in batik (fabric painting) - I create various panels, paintings in this technique, accessories and women's clothing with paintings. 
In 2015, she created an author's collection of women's clothing using eco-print "Untrodden paths".

I teach, illustrate books, create author's dolls, women's jewelry, and much more. 

Since 2015, I have been mastering watercolors.

I actively participate in various exhibitions, international plein-airs, and creative projects. Since 2004, 12 personal exhibitions have been held (2 of which were held in Poland (radzyń Podlaska and Lenczna), I have participated in 10 international plein-airs, many local plein-airs and projects, and I have been engaged in craft activities for 8 years.

From wins: First degree diploma at the 4th International exhibition of contemporary art in Minsk, 2016. for the collection of author's clothing with eco-print "Untrodden paths", nomination: textiles in costume, category "Pro". 
And a first-degree Diploma in the category "painting of flat objects", for batik "Others", category"pros".

In 2019, she became a finalist of the contest "1000 ideas for Brest" organized by the Brest fortress Development Fund with her watercolors "Where childhood was left".

2020: Online exhibition in Gallery Ar Luxury ,June, July, August and September - Spain



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