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My name is Elena Perevoznа, I was born on October 24, 1976 in the city of Kharkov, Ukraine.

By education, a teacher of painting, in 1998 she graduated from an art school in the city of Kharkov.

After graduating from college, I worked as a drawing teacher in the children's studio ,, Palette ,,, after which I worked as a children's photographer. I love children, their pure immediate energy. I have two daughters 19 and 14 years old.

The last few years I worked in a leadership position, too much stress. I left my job in order to remember again who I am, what my real essence is, what I dreamed about before. My dream of youth was to be an artist.

In painting, I'm more attracted to color than form. I like to embody emotions on canvas, I am more attracted to abstract painting and expressionism and impressionism. I constantly study something new, try myself invarious areas of painting. I try different options for the size of the canvas.

What inspires me?

The world around me, the world is beautiful in all its manifestations! The structure of the stone, the shadows on the earth, the sky, water, nature, people, psychology, feelings, sensations ... I am fascinated by how art affects the human consciousness and subconscious. I think art heals and fills the soul.

I am glad that I can share my impressions, my feelings and my creativity as an artist!

And if I, as an artist, can capture your attention for at least a few minutes and stop your internal dialogue,
if you look at some aspects of painting, and life in general, from a new perspective or perception ...
So, my task as an artist will be completed ...

I took part in exhibitions in different cities of my country.

-2020-Online exhibition at Gallery Art Luxury - Catalonia / Spain

- 2020 March, Ukraine, the city of Kharkov, took part in the all-Ukrainian exhibition, Charity and Great,

-2020 January, Ukraine, the city of Kharkov and the city of Kiev took part in two Christmas exhibitions.

-2019 November, the city of Kiev, "Abstract Painting of Ukraine"

- 2019 October Ukraine, the city of Kharkov, took part in the all-Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to ,, Artist's Day ,,

- 2019 Ukraine, Kharkov city, March. All-Ukrainian art exhibition, Charity and Great,

-2019 Ukraine, the city of Lviv, summer, took part in the project ,, Schid-Zahid together ,,

- 2018 Ukraine, Kharkov city.

Anniversary All-Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of NONSKHU

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