Vanda Dimattia


 Vanda Dimattia

He lives and works in Padua.
He attended the School of Art and the scenography course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari.
Specialized in communication and commercialization of Cultural Heritage and restoration of frescoes.
He has been actively working in the field of painting and figurative arts since 1974 with personal and group exhibitions.
He has participated in important exhibitions, obtaining numerous awards and reports.

"The imaginary-real" by V. Dimattia is embodied in a "living" representation, embellished
by the touch of ambiguity caused by the contrast between meditation and reality, and by real and alienated figures against backgrounds of clear atmospheres that stabilize harmony.
(Giulio Gasparotti)

Vanda Dimattia's painting feeds more on philosophical concepts, drawing inspiring motifs only from the real.
A reality, however, unusual, trapped in its most hidden and elusive aspects,
who is not content with flat and insignificant images, even if they are pleasing to the eye, of the real "true", but scrutinizes their disturbing implications, their secret codes.
(Giuseppe Mesirca)


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