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Kapitolina Alexeevna Rumiantseva was born on December 16, 1925 in Leningrad.

In 1945, Kapitolina Rumiantseva entered the Tavricheskaya School of Art, where she studied with George Shakh, Dina Rezanskaya, Valentina Petrova, and Mikhail Shuvaev. She graduated from the School of Art in 1950.

After graduation, in 1950-1969, Kapitolina Rumiantseva taught drawing and painting at the high school of arts. Since 1970, Kapitolina Rumiantseva participates in art exhibitions. She painted landscapes, still lifes, genre scenes, sketches of life. Most famous for its sensual still lifes with wild flowers and fruits indoors and outdoors.

Her pictorial style evolved towards decorative and local color while maintaining interest in the object, to transfer its texture and material tangibility. Her images were invariably filled with lyricism and poetic sound.

In 1973, Kapitolina Rumiantseva was admitted to the Leningrad Union of Artists (since 1992 known as the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists).

At the beginning of 1990 her works were in exhibitions of some exhibitions abroad with other Leningrad artists.

Kapitolina Alexeevna Rumiantseva died in Saint Petersburg in 2002. Her paintings reside in museums and private collections in Russia, France, Korea, the United States, England, Germany, China, Italy, and others.

Her style of painting developed until the intensification of ornamentality, however, without losing interest in the object with her touch. Her images are lyrical and very poetic. She is the author of paintings: "Stil life with Fruits" (1965), "Stil life with Melon" (1968), "Stil life with White Cup" (1969), Irises (1970), Stil life with Orange, Peones "(1971 ), Dream, Old man (both 1972), Lifestyle with apple tree branches (1973), In the garden in early spring, Cloudy day », Натюрморт с рыбами (all 1974), After the rain (1980), Autumn in Ozerki (1985), Autumn »(1987), Peones» (1990), Lilac (1991) and others.IT

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